Industrial Helical Foundation Solutions
B&H Commercial Foundation Systems and Services
offers a complete line of foundation products for the remedial repair of existing structures as well as end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications. Our structural foundation solutions include helical piers, auger grouted piles, driven piles and compaction grouting.
Additional facility repair and geotechnical services include:

       Concrete slab lifting by polyurethane injection and                          mudjacking.
       Earth retention systems including wall tiebacks, soil                        anchors and sheet wall installation.
       Erosion control program management. 

We offer these services to some of the most challenging industries, but our highest priority is SAFETY. Our comprehensive safety plan is certified with ISNetworld. 

Market Applications:  
Commercial                                 Heavy & Highway  
  Modular Buildings                                Modular Bridge Support
  New Construction Foundations         Wetland Bridges
  Building Slab Repairs                           Light Pole Bases    
  Boardwalk Support                              Highway Signs   
  Shoring for Excavations                       Retaining Walls   
  Signage                                                   Mooring Anchors 

Industrial                                     Oil & Gas Industry
  Equipment Foundations                     Oil Rig Leveling & Tie-down
  Nuclear Facilities                                  Gas Refining Facilities
  Chemical Facilities                                Gas Compressor Pads
  Electrical Transmission                        Pipeline Construction
  Wind / Solar Energy                              Pipeline Buoyancy Control
  Water Treatment Plants                      Above Ground Storage Tanks


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