Who We Are
When Experience and Safety Count
38 years of Excellence

              was founded in 1981 by Robert Beller. It began as a small roustabout company servicing the oil field industry.

In 1991             began to make the transition to horizontal boring. The success of the boring operations allowed the company to expand into numerous areas of utility construction and installation.

The company continues to increase their team members, and also employ several subcontractors that field multiple crews to help meet our contractual obligations throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

Corporate Introduction

                Construction is based in Goldsby, Oklahoma. We have major operational hubs in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid, Miami and Mineral Wells, Texas. We are able to perform work throughout the US. Please contact us for a bid or estimate on any size utility construction or horizontal drilling project.

Corporate Operations Address :                                                  
301 James Dean Dr.                     
Norman, OK. 73072-9793

Office (405) 288-2412
Fax     (405) 288-6794


David Davis – Director of Safety                                                                                davidd@bhboring.com
 Art Adams – Fleet Manager and Director of Risk Management                                  art@bhboring.com

 Steve (Red) Schulze – Drilling & Gas Estimator                                                            red@bhboring.com

 Clarke Kumler - Industrial Helical Foundation Solutions                                        clarke@bhpilings.com

 Scott Munday – Geo Estimator                                                                                    scott@bhboring.com

 Ric Bessette - New Development & Marketing                                                           ricb@bhboring.com

Bob Sharp – Contract Liaison                                                                                         bob@bhboring.com

 Fred Greening – Director of Employee Assistance/Chaplain                                    fred@bhboring.com